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Let's take the tin foil off our heads people. I've been questioned about my stack of GCs twice. Both times they asked what they were, I said prepaid debit cards, they gave me a funny look and swabbed them, machine beeped, I took my stuff and left. I don't travel with anything but the cards in a big rubber band or two. I almost always have 15k or more on me as I travel 2-3 times per month and don't have a safe place to hide them at home. I would never travel across international boarders with them because that would just be asking for trouble. I wouldn't even know whether or not declaring them would be more or less likely to get them taken.

If you have a safe place to put them in your residence then I would just leave them there. If you need to liquidate on the road then you may want to reconsider the volume that you are doing right before travelling.

An interesting thing that I have always considered is whether or not I would go after them in an emergency exit scenario. Any more I just keep them on my person so that I can do the proper thing and just exit the plane.
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