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Originally Posted by Frequentflyer99 View Post
Although I have income well over 75k, I don't receive a "salary" but am freelance self-employed and receive irregular payments from clients, Does anyone happen to know off-hand if that would suffice, or does it have to be identifiably a salary paid by a single organisation ? I can check with Barclays, but thought someone on here may have been through the issue.
I'm in the same position as you Frequentflyer99 having just become a freelancer. Today's HfP article seems to suggest that we'd be able to qualify.... but I guess it's at the discretion of the bank. We'd only need to have 50k net income (as the eligibility criteria for the account is 75k gross income).

I'm going to have a look at the terms and conditions over the weekend... Although I'm not a fan of Barclays, I do need to bolster my Avios account.
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