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Originally Posted by Visconti View Post
I've been to some shops with the Amex accepted signage, only to have them offer me a discount if I were to pay by cash or V/MC.

While I understand and empathize with trying to reduce costs, I don't think these Merchants appreciate how badly this makes them look to their clients/customers. Personally, I wouldn't feel comfortable doing business or dealing with folks who employ these sort of tactics. As to restaurants, it makes me wonder what else they're cutting corners on, if eliminating the small BPS of translation costs is that important to their operation.
Where I am from in Newfoundland and Labrador, we see that often at gas stations in rural locations.

One place out by my cabin has a sign that shows the gas price per litre if you pay with credit, and the cheaper price if you pay with cash/debit. Now I have noticed it missing as of late so I assume somebody reported this to the credit card companies.
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