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Not getting choice "extras" reliably?

Is anyone else having issues getting their choice "extras" (i.e., an Amazon credit, Uber credit or Starbucks GC etc) issued to them reliably? I'm set up to receive the Starbucks gift card on every qualified weekday stay and for the past 6-8 weeks about every other stay they fail to send it to me. Typically I receive them within a minute of checking in via email so I know it's processed successfully. If you don't get it you have to submit a report via their website which is an annoying pain and you will eventually get it a couple weeks later after first receiving 2-3 "we are working diligently to exceed your expecations" boilerplate emails. Just send me the stupid thing in the first place will you please? Anyway, any else having these problems getting their Choice "extras" issued to them reliably?
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