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Originally Posted by gaugeguy View Post
I’ve taken 2 A220 flights this week and both have been delayed by at least an hour by mechanical issues. What’s going on? These planes in most cases are only months old? Even my in my FC seat last flight the tray table was stuck. Only a 4 month old plane.
Welcome to my world... After a dozen A220 flights, I had my first A220 flight without delay! People jumping on me for saying this plane does not have finesse. The amount of broken things that require service is ridiculous. All my delays were mechanical. Plus, the IFE's USB port is broken, audio jack is not working... There are quite a few quality issues.

During my recent ride from SEA, we had very long taxi time, so the captain keep spooling up and down the engine, so we kept hearing the loud orca mating sound, over and over and over again. It was my seatmate's first A220 flight, and she asked if the engine is OK or if we are having a mechanical issue.
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