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Has anyone had success in appealing directly to ANA via some help line on such issues?
I purchased the ticket directly from the ANA website and did send ANA an email about what happened. This was the response I got back from them:
Dear Mr. xxxxx:

Thank you for your patience while we communicated with our relevant

Mr. xxxxx, ANA Vancouver Airport report indicates that the total of 4
passengers including yourself traveled together from Calgary to Manila. According to the tickets, each passenger was allowed to
bring two pieces (2PC) of checked baggage each weighing no more than
23 kg per piece. Therefore, the 4 passengers had free baggage
allowance of 8 check-in bags total.

As you described, 3 extra pieces (total 11 bags) of checked
baggage were transferred from Air Canada to ANA flight. Mr. xxxxx,
we truly empathize with your situation as we read that these 3 bags
were your carry-on baggage and you had no intention to bring it as
checked baggage.

In the meantime, we ask for your genuine understanding that the
particular baggage check-in was processed by Air Canada without
providing any excess baggage ticket or coupon to the passengers who
have interline connection with another air carrier.

In good faith Mr. xxxxx, we ask for your kind support that ANA
Vancouver staff was justified to collect the excess baggage fee CAD 600.00
(CAD 200 x 3 bags) due to the check-in of additional bags, and we are
unable to meet your request to refund the charged amount.

Mr. xxxxx, it is most unfortunate that this incident marred your overall
travel experience with ANA. Please be advised that we have forwarded a
report sharing your experience with our concerned sections so they may
request Air Canada’s support to avoid such actions in the future.

While our response may differ from your expectations, we thank you for
bringing this matter to our attention and this opportunity to communicate
with you. We may only hope to restore your trust in the near future.


Customer Relations & Services, The Americas
I have sent Air Canada an email as well regarding what happened and am still waiting for their response.
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