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Originally Posted by goldmedallionflyer View Post
on my iPhone it takes about a minute to open my itinerary, about twice as long as it used to.

My biggest grip is that it now takes over 6 minutes (you read that right SIX MINUTES!!) to open the seat map for a flight, even when I have two bars of cell coverage and am connected via Wi-Fi

I work in the software industry, and if I delivered this kind of 'performance enhancement' to one of my customers, I'd be out looking for a job right now
Same on Android. "My Trips" frequently comes up alarmingly empty, and even when it doesn't (refreshing it can take a minute or more) tapping into an itinerary to view the details sometimes also takes 1-2 minutes before the info comes up.

Fortunately it does appear that once the info is loaded, it is locally cached for a while, but that cache also expires seemingly at random -- it would suck for this to happen as you were getting ready to board a flight. I'm going with screenshots or paper BPs (use the back side of old printouts of stuff to kill fewer trees)

From the outside looking in it seems like maybe whatever service provides itinerary info must be running slow/degraded, although the idea that DL's system is using a modern microservices architecture is fairly amusing.
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