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Originally Posted by Clincher View Post
Joe Cortez’ FlyerTalk article, “No One Cares About Loyalty Programs Anymore?” Illustrates the dying aspect of FFP. No one cares? Or is it that only a few care? if it’s only a few then it’s an older generation. If so, then it will fade with them.
That article misses the point that if you factor out counting cash-back-only credit cards and store-specific programs as loyalty programs, and only count travel-specific loyalty programs, most people in America never cared that much about loyalty programs. Ie, any statistic about loyalty programs done outside the travel industry counts everything from Green Stamps on, and are not specific to travel loyalty programs. They're mostly things like cashback credit cards, store programs for earning store points, etc, etc.

And since when is it news that no one cares about Green Stamps (or attempts to replace them) anymore???

Meanwhile, there are many many aspects of FFPs, and some fade as others arise. Many years ago, most people earned airline miles by actually flying. But then airline credit cards proliferated around the same time that airline miles from flying cheap fares were severely cut back, and earning airline miles by actually flying stared "dying", but earning airline miles from on-the-ground sources grew.

So it's difficult to tell whether FFPs are "dying" when the activity within the FFP world keeps moving around so much.

Finally, there are some people who would revel in FFP programs "dying" just enough for most other people to drop out, leaving perhaps more seat availability for those remaining. Ie, if FFP programs are "thriving", is that always a good thing?
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