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The app is exceptionally useful in Hong Kong. We can't start censoring materials legal and useful in Hong Kong. This is especially so since avoiding troublesome areas comes down to a matter of personal safety.

But if you want to add a general caution about protest photos, news clippings, apps and such on devices taken across the border, that would be appropriate.

EDIT: The app is now not available for Apple, once again. But I'm afraid I was ignorant. You don't actually need the app: "hkmap.live" in your browser will bring up the map.

I'd strengthen the warning against protective gear. It's a very bad idea. Note that in evening police sometimes (but not too often) board buses at roadblocks and search passengers' possesions.

I'd also highlight more strongly the "No Photos!" warning. Taking photos of Lennon Walls say is fine, but not shots with people in the frame. Search youtube if you want videos.

I'd also suggest caution expressing yourself with strangers while in HK.

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