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Originally Posted by sdsearch View Post
The problem with WyndhamRewards is that more of their budget brand locations are sub-par than not, while there are tons of them.


So Wyndham caring more about having lots of properties than what the standards are for those properties is part of the problem. It creates a lot of "noise" to sort through, so to speak.

By contrast, many of the budget brands with Choice Privileges have more consistent brand standards, so that's why in general I prefer Choice over Wynhdam for budget brands.
This is what I've found as well. While I haven't had a ton of Choice stays yet, I've had some pretty mediocre experiences at Wyndham hotels, without a lot of true diamonds in the rough to make up for it. Their rewards program used to make up for that somewhat, but the recent changes paired with almost no bonus earning opportunities this year has written them off for me for the past few months. Choice, despite some issues I had with their credit card signup, so far has had decent hotels for their price point. As but one comparison, I stayed at a Baymont which seemed to be wearing quite a bit around the edges and looked to be poorly maintained (despite decent reviews.) Meanwhile, the Econo Lodge I stayed at a couple months ago, while pretty dated in terms of furnishings, was clean and appeared to be well-maintained.

I've also noticed similar issues when searching online for reviews - there's a lot of times where, despite having a dozen properties to choose from in the Wyndham portfolio, half or more have such poor reviews that I have to write them off. That percentage seems to grow to two-thirds or three-quarters on the budget end at times. Choice, on the other hand, seems to have maybe 15% of hotels (when I look) where the reviews look truly dreadful, with that going up to about a third to a half (on the high end) on the budget end. Thus, even with fewer properties, I still feel like I often have more properties to choose from with Choice or some other chains than with Wyndham.
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