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Being hassled for "oversized" carry-on luggage

I offer the following as a PSA. This week, a family member travelling with me was hassled while boarding because she had a "personal item" that was not 100% compliant with Frontier's baggage requirements. It was an old "child's carry-on" that had offset wheels that extended, perhaps, a half-inch beyond the gate sizer. The rest of the bag fit into the sizer, but because the wheels slightly protruded from the bag, the bag sat about an inch above the sizer in one corner. The gate agent didn't care that the "violation" was silly or de minimus. She was going to charge whatever the silly gate fee was for an oversized bag. We just abandoned the basically worthless bag at the counter and put the bag's contents into a plastic bag and carried it on-board fee-free (the agent did not ask us to put the plastic bag in the sizer!).

I think it's nuts (and terrible customer service) to enforce carry-on bag rules to fractions of an inch -- especially when it comes to luggage wheels -- but Frontier can obviously do whatever they want to do on this. From years of experience with airlines that have strict "personal item" size limits, I find that it's always better to have a backpack on your back than a small suitcase. For some reason, gate agents never seem to think backpacks can be oversized but they are often suspicious of rolling suitcases, even very small ones. We had even measured the suitcase against Frontier's limits before travel, but didn't bother to measure the slightly protruding wheels.
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