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What's going on with boarding?

Since the airport I fly out of is pretty small I can't really fly on the same airline a lot. I usually end up on Delta, but I fly a lot of the legacy and discount carriers as well. I usually go off of price and itinerary/convenience.

I have been in several situations where:

I can't hear the gate agent (or they talk like an auctioneer)
My zone is never called (this has happened multiple times in the past month)
They forget to call people in basic economy (I'm pretty cheap, so I'm in this zone a lot)
People rush the gate and have to be turned away because it's not their zone (people in coach trying to board with first class passengers)
And, with Delta, people ignore the zone lane dividers (I've seen this many times in ATL) and board before people who were lined up.

At my airport they don't put what zone is boarding on the screen, so you have to listen for the gate agent. Sometimes the screen is just turned off.

When did boarding a plane become so complicated? Back in the day (about 10 years ago) it seemed to go much more smoothly.

Nothing I've listed here has affected my life adversely, but it seems like we've over engineered waiting in line.
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