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Thought I'd revive this thread for my own, similar purposes:

Looking at possibly flying LHR-KWI-BKK return with the family for Easter due to fares being very low (currently a full 950 cheaper in total than the next best option). The no alcohol thing is no fun but also no deal-breaker (I guess there is a thing to be said for staying sober when flying long haul with two under 12s in tow anyway), economy product looks surprisingly competitive (3-3-3 on new 777s, yey). Question is: The outbound leg involves a 6 hour 55 minute stopover in KWI (00:15 to 07:45).

So... is it feasible to spend that kind of time there without going crazy?

Do anyone have any experiences with overnighting in the Dasman Lounge (are food and drinks still available at night? Is the wifi passable? Is it full of sleeping people? Are there power sockets?)?

In general: Is this something you would subject your family to in order to save near enough 1k?
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