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Originally Posted by max_kolesne View Post
I couldn’t find the “seat selection” benefit for Elite and Elite Plus. Is this an insider information, or did TK already update this information anywhere?

My second question would be about the “extra miles.” I wonder if the non-flexible class would still give 150 miles. If yes, then the “flexible” class will now issue 650 miles instead of 600.

EDIT: Answering my first question, I have found the screenshot below when trying to book a flight. Elite and Elite Plus apparently can now choose seats for free when flying with Anadolu Jet as well. If there is no devaluation in terms of status miles earned from domestic flights, this looks like a positive change for members with status.

EDIT 2: It seems like booking fare classes are the same for all EcoFly, ExtraFly and PrimeFly. So, for instance, in my dummy booking of fare class P, the summary page on the booking page shows the amount of miles to be earned as 150 miles even for PrimeFly. The website says “500 extra Bonus Miles” which probably means that even PrimeFly will generate 150 status miles and 650 bonus miles if the booking fare class is one of the cheap fare classes. The old option to choose “semi-flexible” or “flexible” for elevated status miles seems like no more, or one would need to call the call center or visit a sales office to book one of the fare classes that would generate 300 or 600 status miles.

EDIT 3: The mobile app still sells domestic Y class tickets using the old style.

EDIT 4: The extra legroom seats are not free for Elite and Elite Plus, they still cost 40 TRY.

On a slightly different note, I am surprised that TK doesn't offer free selection of Bulkhead, Extra legroom and exit row seats to its own elites (Elite and Elite Plus)! Free standard seat selection can be had by anyone booking the right type of Eco fare, and not just the TK elites, so I am wondering what TK does differently for its own top-tier elites seated in the Economy cabin?
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