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Originally Posted by dilanesp View Post
I actually think throwing shade was useful here. There are certain customers you don't actually want, or, maybe, that you don't want as long as you are making record profits. Someone who buys a ticket for the cheapest type offered, tries to upgrade for free, and tries to shame the airline on social media when he is refused is exactly such a customer. I were Oscar or Kirby, I would be like "go ahead, fly Delta or American, we don't need this sort of thing here".
Sure, that works great. When you have record profits.

The next downturn in the business cycle is always coming.

And of course, it speaks to the purpose of this or any other business. Is it to go for the best possible experience, or just vacuum up the bucks while the gettin's good?

(And yes, I agree, the pax in this instance was in the wrong.)
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