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Originally Posted by TTT103 View Post
I travel extensively on business, and have months where my credit card bill is many times more than my salary. Granted, if all of your charges are at Simon mall, thatís a different story.
We presume that credit card companies don't follow our spending but that is just not true. AI is more than able, without human eyes, to differentiate spending due to travel (such as airfare, hotels and rental cars) from other forms of expenses such as dining and personal items such as purchases at malls.
So while your spending may exceed your salary many times over, the CC company knows the categories where that money is gong.

Furthermore, many times, the CC company is actually reporting the spending to your companies travel agent or its ilk. It takes no time at all for this information to be categorized and reported as non-suspicious.
OTOH, cycling your credit to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on the same sort of expense such as grocery stores or shopping malls will definitely raise a red flag, especially in someone with a credit line of $20K and an annual income of $60K.
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