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Anyone at DFW today? Disabilities and lounge access problems

My husband and I arrived at DFW a little while ago with an approx 12 hour stopover. Unfortunately we are having difficulties with lounge access and I wondered if anyone here might be able to help?

I have access to the Flagship AA lounge etc. through class of travel and I am BAsilver/oneworld sapphire as of my last flight, but the system hasnít updated yet. My husband is flying economy so doesnít have lounge access in his own right.

I have complex disabilities and I use a wheelchair, so I need someone to push me inside the lounge and help me (fetch drinks and food, lift bags etc. and also assistance with showering etc,) usually airlines are happy to let my husband into the lounge to do this, but AA wonít and arenít offering any alternative assistance, so I canít get into the lounge with nobody to push me.

If by chance any kind silver or gold person happens to be at DFW terminal D today and would be willing to guest my husband into the lounge we would be extremely grateful. Alternatively if anyone would be willing to push my wheelchair into the lounge so I can get something to eat there that would be great.
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