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Originally Posted by bhrubin View Post
I'm most curious now! I've had some disappointments with Rosewood service at a few properties but assumed the Crillon has sorted itself.

What went wrong with housekeeping?

Who were the rude or clueless people in the lobby--staff or guests? What exactly happened if I can ask?
You can see most of it in the service section of my review from July last year:

4 night stay in a suite at Hôtel de Crillon, Paris

Regarding housekeeping, I guess the subjective impression I got was they were making mistakes at first and then fixing it instead of getting it right at first. That surprises me.

Another example of service rubbing me the wrong way I didn't put in the review: at breakfast at Brasserie D'Aumont on the last day -- we had cranberry juice with our breakfast the first 3 days. The the 4th morning the server says, "we don't have cranberry juice." We say, "what, we had it previous days?" He says, "well we have it as a bar mixer but it's not included in the American Breakfast juice selection." Okay, yeah, so you're going to argue about cranberry juice not being included when this is a 75 EUR breakfast? It just left a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe this guy was just new or mis-trained.

It wasn't any one mistake but the fact that there were little fumbles repeatedly in multiple areas.

Originally Posted by bhrubin
Thanks. I must saw we loved the hard product (and especially the closer to Vendome location) of the Crillon a bit more than that of the Pen, but we also were quite impressed with the Pen hard and soft product. And the Pen's F&B is insanely good. So your info may give us a bit more proper perspective for the future.
I agree with you on the hard product and location. The Pen product would be best in class in a lot of cities but Crillon is a cut above. You do get more space for your buck at Pen through. Those closets.
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