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Originally Posted by WillBarrett_68 View Post
Right, this is all psychological. You're worried about shampoo when the entire room (not to mention trillions of other things you come in contact with every day) is already a "potential infection vector" or whatever.
For me this is less about the bacteria aspect of it and more about the tampering aspect of it. Many of the mini bottles have tops that are extremely difficult to remove, plus, they're replaced after every stay. In contrast, when you look at these large dispensers, they have tops that are easily unscrewable and I'm guessing they're not going to be replaced after each guest. I suppose I have the option to unscrew the top myself, empty all of the contents down the drain and request a new bottle, however this seems tedious and wasteful.

With things people can tamper with who knows what could be in there. Urine, semen, fecal matter, acid, Nair, whatever. Yes, in 99.9% of cases there will probably be no issue, however there's plenty of sick people out there and I'm not really willing to risk it. Personally.
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