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Originally Posted by GUWonder View Post
Undermining of infection prevention measures — and a move to manual-pump shared toiletry dispensers does that — means increased antibiotic use. And what does increased antibiotic use mean? It means more drug-resistant bacteria in an environment where investing in new antibiotics isn’t as productive as it used to be 40+ years ago.

Water by itself doesn’t decrease bacterial count on skin surfaces anywhere close to as well as the use of warm high-pressure, soapy water derived from rather clean soap. Queue a lesson about ionization and phase behavior of fatty acids in water?
I don't think you understand infection prevention/control measures. It isn't about "sanitizing" everything. In fact, the prevalence of hand sanitizers probably is worse for antibiotic resistance (as in creates more) than anything else.
Cleanliness is not next to godliness. And not a goal to be achieved by everyone.

As for "investing" in antibiotics, pharmaceuticals don't "invest" in things to help or be productive. They do it to make money. If there were money in it ...
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