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Originally Posted by KRSW View Post
As currently implemented by Marriott, I'm not sure there really is an environmental benefit. Here's what is currently being used in the limited-service properties:

As you may note, they're only 8 oz, non-refillable bottles, complete with a permanently-attached pump dispenser. The current single-use bottles are either 2oz or 1oz depending upon the property. So, 1 dispenser pump bottle = 4-8 regular bottles. Prima-facia it seems like a good deal, BUT what's the real environmental cost? These are single-use bottles and can't be recycled -- there's multiple types of plastic AND most likely a metal spring inside of there, so they're heading straight for the landfill. Seriously, I'll see if I can snag an empty bottle from the hotel this weekend and do a proper teardown with photos for everyone & weigh out the components.

As a side note:
1) Cradle-to-grave, a Mercedes S-Class, including all of the gasoline it will consume in its lifetime, is more environmentally-friendly and puts out less CO2 than a Prius.
2) Cows are quite windy. (We can't have a 100+ post thread on FT without some mention of breaking wind, right?) The result is ~2300kg of CO2 per year. A car puts out ~108g/km. Do the math and you'll find that a single cow's farts in a year are equivalent to driving 21,296km (13,232 miles).
3) I guess if you want to be environmentally-friendly, drive a Mercedes S-Class instead of a Prius and eat more cows to keep them destroying the Earth. .
was wondering where you were going with the cow comment as I thought maybe you were going to suggest their eradication.
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