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Seeking to replace devalued SPG...

Hey All! I am seeking to replace my Amex SPG and my BofA Cash Rewards cards now that SPG has been so heavily devalued. I am not tied (other than SPG/Marriott) to any specific program, and like the idea and flexibility of being able to utilize points how I like, and with whom. I have been an amex "fanboy" since I turned 18, and have just always felt very supported for any of my credit needs since having them. I'm not stuck to Amex, but if there is a card that's slightly less earn, but is an Amex vs Visa, I probably would go that route.

I run about 150k annually through the card.
I do not travel a lot for work, or personal currently, but would like to travel for free or a greatly reduced rate with my family. (4). We truly enjoyed spontaneous trips, usually weekend, where we could utilize points and just go!
We do eat out pretty frequently so bonus for dining is nice, but not mandatory. I would say we are average on groceries, gas, and other "normal" bonus categories.

Off the top of my head the Sapphire card, the Amex Gold Rewards (Or Amex Preferred or Everyday Card). The southwest card has also been a thought, but ties me down, clearly.

Any information or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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