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B) Knee room: this is the distance from edge of the seat to the seat in front. However you sit, your knees have to occupy this space. There are a few complexities here - the seat back pocket holding the safety card takes a bit of space, also there is about 1 cm of "give" between the seat covering and the hard back of the seat in front.

Thanks, this will be a very useful and insightful guide when populated a bit further. A great start, thanks for doing this c-w-s.

A few comments/suggestions?

1) should we agree on the seat back contents? (2 BA magasines and an air sick bag for example?) If the tape measure is going to measure the knee room this will impact where the material ends/tape measure reaches IMO. Could go with empty pockets but not realistic as hard to chuck those contents to achieve the space mentioned when in flight and also harder to measure it on the quick when opportunity presents itself.

2) Not sure if the angle of the seat influences the knee room? If the seat is always horizontal (flat) then we wouldn't need to look at this aspect but I suspect there may be a slight incline to the rear? If so, should we be trying to measure on the same inclined angle to the seat back in front? (as the thighs will be in this angle and impact the length if the seat angles do change between aircraft...(or is this yet another measurement if there is indeed different inclines to seats in WT+, WT, ET, especially between aircraft types rather than cabins (so 321 ET to 319 ET not 321 CE to 321 ET)?

Again, a great idea, thanks for starting it...happy to assist if needed and desired. (although I don't fly much!)
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