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Originally Posted by IWontRegretThis
Have the new Bose 700's - Love them! Finally USB C charging, and actually usable for phone calls in airports.
These really are amazing. I had some QC20s that I woulnd't fly with out, but my dog chewed them up. My wife got me the 700s for an anniversary. They are the real deal. I've been looking at everything from custom foamies to Hunting orienteted Walkers Blue tooth ear phones- but these 700s rock. I'm not a fan of over the ear, I'm a head sweater. I also have huge ears and I get bit of a callous on the back of my right ear from the 700s.

The ability to connect to two devices is nice. Be working on the computer or ipad and then be able to take a call is convenient. Siri works, but I don't do the other assistants.

The call taking is really nice. I think the multiple speakers isolate the speech really well. There is a youtube video of a comparo with the Sony and it isn't close. Plus it gives you a little feedback so you can hear yourself- definitely a plus for phone and webmeetings.

Not cheap, but worth it.
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