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Weight limits for carry on luggage are in reality never enforced. Possibly an exception if flying on a mainland LCC like Spring Airlines, but for carriers like Air China, China Eastern, China Southern et al, as long as it can fit in the overhead bins, no one cares.

Batteries are a rather different matter however. Security staff will check that each battery meets the rules. So if your battery doesn't clearly state how many mAh it has, then it will likely end up in the bin. Happened to a friend of mine a couple of years ago at PVG. Battery packs aren't allowed to be used on board, so charge up before boarding.

Phones are now permitted to be used in flight mode on all carriers.

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For Bluetooth headphones it a hit and miss, depends on your crew.
I've never had an issue when using my bluetooth headphones, although FAs will ask passengers to take off all headphones during taxiing, take off and landing.

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As for power banks, it's a strict no for using them onboard. Also do note the 20000mah capacity limit. You can probably bring them ex LAX, but you won't get past transit security with it if you have a connecting flight at PEK.
Or leaving China through any Chinese airport.
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