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Multi Carrier Award Redemption question

HI guys,

I did some looking around but wanted some clarification to how the multi carrier award system is run. I know I'll need 2 non CX flights and up to 5 stopovers in one ticket?

I don't have set dates yet, but I will be in SFO end of September and want to hit up the following cities during my trip there -> SFO/LAX>CLT->PIT->DTW->ITH (not necessarily in this order, but just need to start at SFO and end at ITH with a day or two at each of those cities)

1. Are layovers restricted to 24 hours (I remember reading this somewhere)
2. Is total mileage calculated between SFO / ITH? Or is it the sum of distance between all my layovers?
3. Knowing that I'll need 2 non-CX flights, would my domestic trip be possible? I know North American one world flights are mainly dominated by AA, with the exception of Cathay's YVR->JFK. Is there any other carrier that does any domestic US trip that I can add to my leg? Worst case, I can add a LATAM flight in if it will not affect my overall redemption cost. I'm a little more flexible on the time this trip, but wanted to see if I could save some miles.

Sorry for the long post, but thank you in advance and any help would be much appreciated!
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