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Friedrichshafen Airport

Looking for advise from those familiar with Friedrichshafen! Next week I will fly in to Friedrichshafen Airport (FDH) for the first time ever (on Turkish, flight TK1387). The flight is set to arrive at 5.50pm - when I'm checking flight history it seems to have a great on-time record, often arriving either 10-15 minutes before scheduled arrival time.

- Are there taxis readily available/waiting at FDH upon exiting the airport?
- What would the approximate price be for a ride to the city's ferry terminal?
- How would you rate the chances of me making the last ferry to Bregenz departing at 6.25pm? I don't have any checked luggage but would still need to buy the ticket at the ticket office in port..

Would be great if I could catch the ferry as it would make a far more pleasant journey to Bregenz - also because train planners next week show a train replacement service by bus from Lindau to the Austrian border, making this a bit more inconvenient and uncomfortable! That said, my end goal is however Liechtenstein - which I can reach either through Austria (Feldkirch) or Switzerland (Buchs). Alternatively, I thus can also take a ferry ride on Lake Constance from Friedrichshafen to Romanshorn, or from Lindau to Rorschach - both ferries which have much later departure times and which therefore should be doable - even when going to the departure port by public transport.

- Is there any advantage in price/comfort on travelling via Austria as I originally planned, or are routes across the lake via Switzerland better? Routes that involve a ship in which I can chill for a bit, make some nice pictures, and drink a good pint of Weizen have my preference
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