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Originally Posted by miklcct View Post
I will be happy to do a cheap positioning flight is the difference in total mileage is similar, but I will never do a positioning flight in the opposite direction to my destination, and no one can me do a positioning flight which will eventually fly me back to the origin. Under your circumstances there is NO WAY I will position from AMS to ARN to only connect back to AMS, even if the ARN - AMS - SJO is free. Instead I will choose other routing (a cheaper non-direct flight from AMS-SVO with similar total mileage, e.g. connect via the U.K. or the eastern U.S.), or a lower class of service on the direct flight).
How does the direction of the positioning flight matter? You end up flying 2 unnecessary segments, one of them will have to take you further away from the destination of your travel.
If which airline you fly is of no importance then indeed it might be easier to simply use a different airline from your origin to your destination.
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