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Originally Posted by Busymann View Post
I saw the same thing in my one 2 week visit.

Rules are one thing. Courtesy is another. It's nothing for me to step aside and just....stand there while someone else want to exert their energy to step.

We DO that goody two shoes "well the speed limit says 55" people here in the states. They are the rare @sses that ride in the left lane or better yet, form a team and cover all the lanes so you can't even go 60mph to get past them.

When you drive in the one of the top two worst traffic areas in the nation, this is not cool.

Japan may have one of the busiest train systems in the world. I can step aside.
It is not a matter of stepping aside for someone else's convenience which I agree if were the issue would be simple kindness at no cost to yourself.
The issues are twofold. One is one of safety as escalator accidents are increasing with many people walking on them. The other is that riders are encouraged to stand two abreast so that a greater volume of people may be moved at the same time.
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