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British Airways Business Class: Johannesburg - London

British Airways
Business Class
BA Business Class Ticket
BA54: JNB-LHR (Johannesburg to London)
27 July 2019
Boeing 747-400
Seat 62K

Departure: 9:10PM
Arrival: 7:20AM+1

After doing some shopping, I had a quick bite to eat and then hung out at the lounge for a while. The flight boarded on time and I was quickly onboard. While this design is terribly outdated, I will admit that the seat offered excellent privacy when the divider was up and the huge storage bins beside the fuselage were great. Cabin service, bedding and catering were all great. The seat was relatively comfortable in bed mode and I slept fairly well for about 6 hours. I awoke around 3 hours prior to landing.



The Seat

This bird had an updated IFE system, which looked pretty slick. I didn't use it, aside from the map.




Meal service began right after takeoff.

Fizzberry and Nuts
I really liked the nut mix (cashews excepted), particularly the corn nuts

Soup and Salad
All very tasty

Pasta Dish
This was quite good

Lemon Tart
Tasty again

Good yogurt and fruits. Good quality croissant as well.

French Toast
Decent taste, though I do wish they'd not had it swimming in melted butter. Presentation was a bit sloppy.

We landed at LHR on time and I headed to the FLounge for a shower before my next flight.
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