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Great job on knocking off all those questions, guys! Here's your reward - Thirty new questions.

However, there will be one change with regard to answers. From here on, I will no longer accept two part answers, as in if it's not this then it must be that. Only one distinct answer at a time will be accepted, please. You either know the correct answer or you don't. After all, anybody can hit a small target at 40' with a shotgun blast. Only a marksman can hit it with a single bullet. Be a marksman ^

Alright then - here are your questions:

31. (1983) Yes!!! Your signature Blackened Tri-Tips BBQ Sandwich has earned you an invitation to compete in the American Royal World Series of Barbecue being held this year in Kansas City, MO. Better yet, your travel agent has informed you that there’s an airline that offers a direct two-stop flight from Los Angeles into Kansas City’s Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport, much more convenient than Kansas City International (MCI) which is located 20 miles out of town. Name the airline, enroute stops and aircraft type you’ll be flying upon.

32. (1982) You’re driving to work along I-70 through Kansas City when you notice a billboard. “KC’s only nonstop service to Orlando and Disney World!” it reads. Hmm… It would be nice to take the kids to Disney World this year, along with Sea World, Circus World, Baseball World and – for you and the wife – Liquor World. Maybe you can find that bottle of Chateau Neuf whatever it was out there. So, you quickly call the airline and book four seats – out and back. Identify the airline you’ll be flying upon along with the aircraft type please.

33. (1995) It’s not easy leaving Miami, Florida in the winter, but when your destination is Mexico there’s considerably less sting to the journey. In this case, you’re flying down to Acapulco to attend the wedding of an old friend who’s finally tying the knot after 56 years. You’d expected to have to make a connection somewhere along the way, but to your great surprise there’s a nonstop flight departing Miami for Acapulco each Monday afternoon. Identify the airline and aircraft type you’ll be flying upon.

34. (1987) Only one airline offers direct one-stop no change of plane service between Pittsburgh, PA and London, England. Which airline is it and what type of airplane is involved?

35. (1983) You’re in Rapid City, South Dakota and have just received a call from the home office that your services are required in Little Rock, Arkansas the day after tomorrow. A quick check of the schedules indicates it can be done, albeit via a 3-stop direct flight tomorrow morning. After getting over your shock that there’s actually a direct flight between these two disparate destinations, you call the travel office and arrange to book a seat on that flight. Name the airline, aircraft type and the three enroute stops please.

36. (1995) You commute regularly between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, a market served exclusively by US Airways. Imagine then your surprise and delight to discover a new airline offering five daily flights in each direction. You quickly book a seat on the evening departure out of Pittsburgh. Identify the airline and aircraft type you’ll be flying upon.

37. (1988) Sheesh! You sure do travel out of Nassau a lot! This time you’ll need to find a flight between Nassau and Indianapolis. You envision a painful layover in Miami’s damp and outdated airport (that carpet smells really bad over on the F Concourse) but lookee here! There’s a single one-stop direct flight each day that even offers not one but two snacks enroute! Book it, Danno! And don’t forget to request the lacto-ovo vegetarian option, please. Airline, aircraft and enroute stop, please.

38. (1987) Only one airline offers a direct one-stop flight between Tokyo and London utilizing narrow-bodied equipment. Please identify the airline, the equipment and the single enroute stop.

39. (1995) You need to fly from Washington Dulles down to Ft. Lauderdale so you call United to book a flight. What’s this? United doesn’t offer any service on this route? You’ve got to be kidding me! You’re not kidding? Hoo boy… Your next call is to a travel agent who advises you that there’s a single daily flight offered by another airline leaving Dulles each afternoon at 2:10pm. Book it, Danno! Please identify the airline and aircraft you’ll be flying upon.

40. (1982) In 1982, this domestic U.S. airline flew just one type of jet in scheduled service and operated a total of six flights – three in each direction between just one city pair. Can you identify the airline, the city pair and the aircraft type flown?

41. (1983) You’ve got a hectic week of business travel coming up. From your home in Provincetown, MA you’ll first need to travel to Philadelphia. You’ve found a great connection through Boston (of course) that involves two aircraft built by the same manufacturer. One is the shortest model still currently flying while the other is the longest ever built by this manufacturer. Two airlines are involved. You already know the connection is via BOS. Identify both airlines and the respective equipment each flies.

42. (1983) Following a meeting with your client at the airport lounge in Philadelphia, you’ll continue on down to Raleigh, NC. Three airlines offer nonstop flights on this route but you’ll be traveling on the least expensive one – the only one to operate its aircraft in an all-Economy Class configuration while also still serving its cheapskate passengers a luncheon enroute. By now you surely know the drill – airline, aircraft, rank and serial number. Now drop and give me twenty! Or a correct answer!

43. (1983) Right! After a productive two days in Raleigh, it’s time to head west to Kansas City, Mo. You fully expect to have to connect in Chicago on this segment but are pleased to discover that the RDU-MCI market is served by a single almost daily (X6) 2-stop direct flight. Well blow me down! Book it, Danno! Identify the airline, the aircraft and of course the two enroute stops…

44. (1983) From Kansas City, you’re going to fly upon the only MD-80 operating in any direction other than east out of Kansas City. To make this even easier, it’s a one-stop flight direct to California – operating to an airport south of SFO, no less. How much simpler can I make this?!! A bit more, I suppose, but let’s stop here. After all, you guys are supposed to be good at this stuff. I’m assuming you’re all guys, by the way. If there are any members of the fairer sex out there amongst our participants, please contact me. I’ll buy you dinner and a bottle of mid-range wine while we discuss airline schedules and aircraft configurations in the candlelight. Or something else if you like. Oh yeah – the question… Please answer it with the usual qualifications.

45. (1983) With a successful conclusion to your business in Southern California, why not join some friends for a weekend of skiing at Jackson Hole, Wyoming? The deal is sealed upon discovering that there’s a once weekly nonstop from LAX straight to Jackson, Wyoming. Identify the airline and aircraft you’ll be flying upon.

46. (1995) You’ve recently received an invitation to join friends whose son is playing in a polo match in Hamilton, Bermuda. Sounds like fun! Why not? The last time you flew to Bermuda from New York, all of the flights departed from JFK. These days you’re pleased to find that one airline offers a single daily nonstop out of LaGuardia. You call the airline and book a First Class seat. Identify the airline and aircraft you’ll be flying upon.

47. (1982) This airline offers the only one-stop no-change-of-plane direct flight between Oklahoma City and Mexico City. Identify the airline, the single enroute stop and the aircraft type flown.

48. (1987) Only one airline operates between North America and London utilizing three different types of wide bodied aircraft on the same route – each built by a different manufacturer. Identify the airline and the city it serves London from with its three different types of widebodies. And what the heck - you might as well identify the aircraft types as well.

49. (1983) Between Honolulu and Los Angeles, there are just two airlines operating all-economy configured aircraft. Can you guess which two airlines they are? And while you’re at it, go ahead and have a try at which aircraft type each airline operates.

50. (1995) Business calls in the form of a marketing seminar down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From your home in Mt. Kisco, New York you imagine the best way to get to Baton Rouge will by departing out of either LaGuardia or Newark with a probable connection in Atlanta or New Orleans. Imagine then your surprise and delight to discover a two-stop direct flight departing nearby Westchester County Airport in White Plains each afternoon at 4:00pm. You quickly book a seat. Please identify the airline, aircraft and the two enroute stops.

51. (1982) From your home in Rockford, Illinois, flying to your vacation home in Southern California means either driving to Chicago and flying to LAX from there or utilizing an interline connection through a variety of Midwestern cities. Recently however, Rockford became the beneficiary of a direct flight all the way through to Los Angeles. Okay, so it makes four stops but what the heck – let’s give it a try. Identify the airline, the aircraft and the four enroute stops in order.

52. (1988) Normally you prefer to fly out of Houston’s William P. Hobby Airport, but since business this afternoon has you only two miles from Houston’s Intercontinental Airport, it makes sense to catch a flight from there to Albuquerque. As luck would have it, there’s a daily one-stop departure that afternoon that will put you into Albuquerque just in time for dinner at your favorite Mexican restaurant. Identify the airline, the one intermediate stop and the aircraft type, please.

53. (1988) You need to fly from your company headquarters in Sioux City, Iowa down to your westernmost field office in El Paso, Texas. You were sure you’d have to make a connection somewhere but lo and behold, the SUX-ELP market is served with a single 2-stop direct flight departing SUX every evening except Saturday at 625p. Please identify the airline, the two enroute stops and the aircraft type to be flown.

54. (1983) It wasn’t so long ago that you remember flyin’ Central Airlines between Dallas and most anywhere in Nebraska. Most all of them flights was aboard Convair 600s or some such airplanes. How times have changed! These days there’s still a direct flight between Dallas and Lincoln, but it’s operated with a jet! The flight makes two stops enroute and a snack is served along the way. Identify the airline, the aircraft type and the two enroute stops please.

55. (1995) You’ve had a wonderful week enjoying the sand and surf (not to mention the rum and reefers) in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Now it’s time to return home to West Elsdon, Illinois – a Chicago suburb located just one mile east of Chicago’s Midway International Airport. Unfortunately there was no direct or even convenient connecting service from Midway Airport and so you had to fly out of O’Hare where a jetway malfunction caused you to miss your connection in Miami and thus a full day of your vacation. Thankfully, one airline offers a single daily two-stop direct flight between Montego Bay and Chicago Midway. You’ve booked a pair of seats and look forward to a hassle-free return home. Please identify the airline, the two intermediate stops and the aircraft type.

56. (1982) You’ve just won big on the craps tables at Las Vegas! You’d love to ride your winning streak a bit longer but duty calls in the form of your job at Amalgamated Anti-Matter, Inc. located just outside Des Moines, Iowa. You need to be back in time for your noon shift tomorrow. Based upon past experience, you feel it’s a bit risky to take a connecting flight so you’re thrilled to discover that the LAS-DSM market is served by a single direct 2-stop flight each day. Unfortunately you won’t be able to splurge some of your newfound wealth as the airline doesn’t offer First Class but at least it arrives Des Moines in time for you to easily make it to work on time. Identify the airline, the two enroute stops and the aircraft type you’ll be flying upon.

57. (1988) Boy, you sure do miss Western Airlines and its convenient direct flight from Vancouver, BC down to your winter home down in Palm Springs, California. Imagine then your surprise and delight to discover that the YVR-PSP market is currently served via a single two-stop direct flight departing Vancouver every afternoon except Saturday. Why, there’s even a snack served enroute! Please identify the usual triumvirate of qualifiers.

58. (1983) You need to travel from Chicago to Brownsville, TX. Jeez – no way this ain’t gonna involve a connection in Dallas or Houston. But NO! Turns out there’s a 2-stop direct flight from Chicago all the way down to Brownsville, and as an added bonus there’s even a breakfast and a snack served enroute. Well alrighty then. Identify the airline, the enroute stops and the aircraft type.

59. (1995) Boy, this has been one helluva rough trip to Reno. First you misplaced your cell phone at the National Automobile Museum and then you lost your socks playing poker against some wily local card sharks posing as affable if somewhat mildly brain damaged tourists from Nashville. Damn! How could this happen?! And now you don’t even have enough to buy plane fare back to Denver on United. Thankfully there’s another airline offering a single daily nonstop flight for considerably less than United’s nonstops. You book yourself a seat and then call your cousin Jimmy to see if he can give you a ride home from DIA. Identify the airline and the aircraft type if you please.

60. (1982) Back in 1982, twin engine jets were not widely used on long predominantly over-water flights. Indeed, from the east coast of the United States, only one airline operated 737 flights to destinations in the Caribbean over 1000 miles away. Identify that airline, the U.S. gateway airport from which its 737 flights departed and the two Caribbean destinations so served.

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