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Origins of the phrase "Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!!"

Originally Posted by Toshbaf View Post
I am shocked to get the pre-dinner cocktail! I thought I'd be boo'ed or kicked out of the restaurant for a completely wrong answer!
Here at the OTAQ&D I use the phrase “Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!!” a lot. I like its verbal panache and the sheer joy of the expression. As to its origins, the phrase began on the Vegas strip when, back in the day, most every casino offered a $1.79 three-piece chicken dinner, which included a potato and a veggie. During that time period, this chicken dinner was the most common, cheapest meal around. Back in those days, a standard bet was $2. If you won a hand, you would have enough money to buy this dinner, hence the call of glorious victory would ring out “Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!!

Most of the time here at the OTAQ&D a correct answer will win you the undying admiration or your friends and fellow participants, and quite possibly that of our many anonymous lurkers. Occasionally, if you should arrange a get together with a fellow participant, you just might finagle a chicken dinner or better (Thanks, jlemon!!)

Another phrase I like to use around here is "You Da Man! I remember the first time I employed this phrase with WHBM, it threw him for a bit of a loop as it is not likely heard in his part of the world. "You Da Man!!" is essentially "You're The Man" as popularized in American ebonic vernacular. It conveys admiration for someone who's just done something well or amazing.

Now to take this a step further, after one of his many correct answers complete with amazing detail and entertaining color commentary, WHBM would be well within his rights to holler "Who Da Man?!" to which we would naturally respond in gleeful and heartfelt unison "You Da Man!!" indicating that WHBM has once again amazed us with another fantastic answer or story.

WHBM, You Da Man!!

As are the rest a youse on occasion! ^^

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