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Originally Posted by Clincher View Post
The original post said, "Reward programs may not totally end, but they will ever change to a point we may say, what is the point?"
So, I like your question better, "will frequent flyer programs remain as lucrative as they are today". Or it could be asked, "will the frequent flyer programs continue to lose their value to a frequent flyer?
But one can also ask (if not believing that the Fed has ended inflation for all time): "will the US dollar remain as highly valued as it is today?" or "will the US Dollar continue to lose its value to its holders"?

Ie, devaluation isn't limited to travel programs. Hopefully it's slow in the case of the US Dollar, and there ways to invest to hopefully offset that rate of inflation, but there are countries in the world where the local currency devalues way faster than the average frequent flyer program. I was just in Argentina recently for the eclipse and noticed how much ARS has devalued since my last visit there just a few years ago. I just looked it up online and it says their inflation rate is expected to slow to 34 percent this year. But how many FFPs lose value at the rate of 34 percent a year?

So perhaps a bit of perspective is needed.
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