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5. (1958) It’s autumn of 1958 and you’re excited to be making your first trans-continental trip. Your flight will depart from Hartford’s Bradley International Airport and make three stops enroute to your destination at Oakland International Airport, conveniently located just four miles from your uncle’s house in San Leandro. Identify the airline, the aircraft and the three enroute stops you’ll make.
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11. (1988) You’ve just received an invitation from an old business partner to join him and a couple of associates for a weekend of golf and networking at Las Vegas’ Showboat Country Club. Well… why the heck not?! Especially since a hurricane is bearing down on the Florida Keys and the weather in Miami projects to be less than desirable over the next few days. A quick check of the schedules indicates that the MIA-LAS market is served via a single direct one stop flight that’ll get you into Las Vegas in the early afternoon, just in time for a nine hole warm up round followed by a round of cocktails and dinner. You quickly book a First Class seat and call your partner back to relay your arrival time. Please identify the airline, aircraft and the enroute stop.

12. (1961) You’ve been wanting to take your wife on vacation to Portugal for years. Now that a new two-stop direct jet flight has become available between Miami and Lisbon, what’s stopping you? Why, nothing, Senhor! Please identify the airline, the two enroute stops and of course the aircraft type to be flown.

16. (1988) It’s not often that business calls for you to travel from your home office outside Atlanta, Georgia to the far-flung regional office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. When it did recently, you were pleased to discover a two-stop direct flight from Atlanta that would put you into Sioux Falls early in the afternoon. You quickly book it and make a note to pack a sandwich since no meals will be offered enroute. Name the airline, the two intermediate stops and the aircraft type you’ll be flying.

20. (1983) You need to fly from Baton Rouge, Louisiana up to Virginia next week. Since your appointment is out near Dulles, IAD will be your airport of choice. Surely this is gonna involve a connection somewhere along the way. What’s that old saying… “When I die and go to heaven, I’ll probably have to connect in Atlanta”. Dulles is hardly heavenly, but you look skyward and say a small prayer upon discovering that there’s a three stop direct flight that departs Baton Rouge every morning at 7:43am. Identify the airline, the three enroute stops and the aircraft type.

21. (1988) You need to fly from Seattle to New York, but since your brother lives in Flushing Meadows, the best airport for you to fly into is New York’s LaGuardia. Unfortunately there are no nonstops between Seattle and LGA. In fact, all of the airlines – with one exception – serve either JFK or EWR with either nonstop or direct flights. The one exception that serves LGA makes two stops enroute. Hmm… Well, at least you won’t be faced with any long layovers or potentially missed flights. Plus, the flight offers a couple of snacks enroute. Book it, Danno! Airline, stops and aircraft please!

22. (1982) In 1982, only one airline operated a turboprop nonstop from the U.S. mainland to the far reaches (over 1000 miles from the U.S. mainland) of the West Indies. The flight operated twice weekly and continued on to another island where it overnighted before returning to the U.S. the next day. Identify the airline, the U.S. gateway airport, the two destination airports and the aircraft type.

25. (1988) What’s this? You’re driving to work through the Toronto suburbs when you spy a billboard touting Toronto’s only direct (one-stop) service to the Virgin Islands – specifically St. Thomas. Hmm... You quickly call your wife. What do you think, honey? Wanna go to the Virgin Islands next month? Right on! You quickly book a pair of seats while your wife works on the hotels. Please identify the airline, aircraft and the enroute stop, eh!

30. (1988) You need to fly from Nassau in the Bahamas up to Hartford, Connecticut. To your surprise, the market is served by a single once daily direct flight that makes just one stop along the way. You quickly book yourself a First Class seat. Which airline will you be flying with? And while we’re at it, what’s the enroute stop and what type of aircraft will you be flying upon?
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