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Originally Posted by jlemon View Post
10. (1987) You’ve got business in Dallas, Texas and because you successfully negotiated a multi-million dollar contract for the company last month, the boss has opted to reward you with – amongst other things – a First Class ticket from London to Dallas and back. The offer is somewhat bittersweet in that you’ve always wanted to fly in First Class aboard a 747 and since Braniff no longer operates its bright orange 747s on this route, you’re stuck with a DC-10 via the other airline(s) that fly LGW to DFW. Not so fast says the company travel agent. There is one airline that operates a single once weekly 747 between LGW and DFW. First Class is available. Book it, Danno! Identify the airline you’ll be flying, please.

Wild guess time: Air New Zealand operating LGW-DFW-HNL-AKL with a B747-200.

Air New Zealand is correct! And, as you've indicated, the flight did indeed continue on to Auckland but not via Honolulu. Which of course engenders a bonus question:

BONUS: What was the routing of Air New Zealand's one-stop flight between Dallas and Auckland?

16. (1988) It’s not often that business calls for you to travel from your home office outside Atlanta, Georgia to the far-flung regional office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. When it did recently, you were pleased to discover a two-stop direct flight from Atlanta that would put you into Sioux Falls early in the afternoon. You quickly book it and make a note to pack a sandwich since no meals will be offered enroute. Name the airline, the two intermediate stops and the aircraft type you’ll be flying.

A DC-9-30, you say. Well, I was ready to jump in with Ozark....but I then noticed the year. And I'm reasonably sure OZ had been merged with another airline by 1988. So let's go with TWA operating a D9S with a routing of Atlanta - St. Louis - Sioux City - Sioux Falls.

I was afraid that DC-9-30 might be too much of a clue... But yep, TWA it was and your routing is also correct as far as St. Louis. The second stop was a city other than Sioux City, however. This oughta be a tap in for you now.Knock 'er in!
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