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Originally Posted by Ditto View Post
And the breastfeeding mom has exactly the same right, yet she chose to create a storm out of it
Not quite The breastfeeding mum has the right to breastfeed publicly. She also has the right to be offended but that wasn't the right she was trying to defend.

Let's just say, for argument's sake, that everyone does have the right to have their personal offence taken seriously and acted upon. The vegetarians can now have the ominvores banned from eating meat; the vegans can have the vegetarians banned from eating cheese and egg; Jewish people can now force anyone to cover up their tattoos; the Christians can now have any LGBT offloaded; thin people can now have fat people ordered to a different seat; liberals can tell anyone in a MAGA hat to take it off; and I can have any footballers offloaded because I am a rugby fan and I think they're preening overpaid examples of how too much money and an insular lifestyle turns people into human garbage.

We live in a free world, and if you expect 100% of other people to meet 100% of your principles and standards then you are going to very offended, most of the time.
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