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This entire process seems to be much harder than it needs to be, not sure why Delta is making it so opaque. The site says verbatim "*Requests are typically reviewed within 5 business days, but please allow up to 2 weeks.". I can plan my application around this timeline, but I cannot plan my travel around unpublished random timelines. I waited until 7/1 and have also DM'd on Twitter asking to expedite, "TMS" said they could not do so and I should expect "3 to 4 weeks". This is twice as long as the timeframe offered on their site. I have an intl W trip leaving today and chose SkyTeam solely to match here from AA, and now that won't be possible. Very frustrating.

As to the "incorrect docs", where were you matching from? Earlier upthread I asked what is acceptable elite credentials since AA stopped giving physical luggage tags, so I sent a screenshot. If that ends up not working, I will probably give up since this entire SkyTeam trip will have been a waste.
Technically, mine response was within the 2-week window, at 12-13 days. But yeah, I thought I was giving myself a much bigger buffer by also assuming 5 days was still typical. I bet they get a lot of requests around the July 1 date due to status counting through 2020.

I am matching from United Platinum. I gave them a scan of the front and back of my physical membership card, and then a screen shot of my 2018 earning summary. I think the problem probably was than the earning summary gives your FF# as something like XXXX123 instead of showing the full number, so that was probably grounds for denial, even though it had my name and the name and last digits of the screenshot matched my membership card. (though they did not specifically say why it was denied).

I resubmitted with just about everything relevant I could print off the website. United doesn't seem to provide proper monthly or yearly statements anymore, so there is not a simple document that seems to hit what they ask for. But hopefully my resubmission will get reviewed and approved this week...

Once i get the platinum match and if it doesn't come in time, I will ask nicely for the Medallion desk if they can roll back the start (and end) date by the necessary amount to count my trip. Can't hurt but I would not be holding my breath.
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