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AA flights with no air conditioning on ground becoming regular occurrence?

Third time in as many weeks on a flight (mainline, not RJ) with no air conditioning on a 90+ day. With the move off the gate and sit maneuver to fake on-time departure, sitting in ground traffic, and then atc holds the planes were all well over 100 degrees. One was deplaned at 105 when they knew we wouldn’t depart for another 30 and the temps were way over 110 before we got off.

Previously I was really annoyed. Today was with my pregnant wife and a toddler who were both not dealing with the heat we’ll. The crew tried their ‘we’ve got it turned up’ speech but there was literally no air coming out, and the plane only cooled to what I would guess is the 80s while in flight. They offered no water while waiting, no updates, and when paged, treated me like I was the problem when the whole plane was complaining.

How can this be considered safe? Is this the norm this summer?
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