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KSA has a decent domestic market. Etihad spent all their money on terrible airlines and I don't see redemption rip-offs that are pretty unique to BA being a necessary response to global economic contraction (which I'm not denying exists and impacts EK, but in other ways)
BA have adapted their business model to sustain (to a certain degree) global downturn, be it by not upgrading their interiors, not sponsoring football teams, charging for WiFi, extending the fleet use as long as possible, being creative with cleaning services, etc, etc. My point is, like it or not, ME3 will start taking some of the pointers from EU3 and maybe US3 at a stretch. Yes they will still have newer fleet, cleaner planes, better lounges at home station, but I'm sure a regular traveller of ME3 (willing to look at it objectively) will notice the differences
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