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Thank you for your answer. It’s actually a few family members getting together at PTY and taking the AF/KLM flight. All the incoming flights are on CM and not on the same ticket as KLM/AF, since it was easier to book it that way, and PTY was the best option for the group. Some of the members are traveling from places where internet is not readily available and leaving in mid morning, so KLM/AF counters at those airports if available, will not be open. I’m thinking now maybe there’s an AeroMexico counter available and since they’re SkyTeam they might, big emphasis in might, be able to help. I do remember last time seeing the sign at the copa lounge “now in partnership with KLM/AF, etc”, but didn’t know if it was lounge only partnership or if they could look into reservations. Worst case scenario one of us will have to clear immigration to alert somebody at the check in counter to go over the other side and take care of them. And two of the members are able to transit legally in PTY but unable to exit/clear immigration since they require a visa which they don’t have. Interesting situation to say the least.
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