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The timelines always where a problem. To my understanding the main benefit of the match is the frontloading of the status, then one time harder earning. So if you intend on staying with TK, this is what I gathered - happy to hear if I went wrong anywhere.

1) You sign up for the match and get it granted - you get the Gold status right away for a duration of 4 months. It is a once in a lifetime match.
2) you then need to take one international flight on TK only to guarantee it for up to a year (=+8 months)
3) you then / additionally need 15K on TK only in that timeframe of the year to extend it for +12 months for a second year.
This is where i have questions. Does it need to be the one flight and once that is in the system, then your 15K start, or can 2+3 be done parallel? Is there a time delay for TK to recognize between the one international flight and the 15k?
4) Once you have the first full year, nothing you do in that year counts for renewal. But once your second year starts, you need 37,5k in those 12 months to then extend additional two years.
5) After year two, once you start your 3rd year, you are back to the normal system - lower number of miles in the first year, higher in the second.

Benefit I can see: If I can manage this match, and I have one big flight planned (like I do for going EU to Asia in biz), I can get status right away and I will earn right away 160% instead of 125%. Which will already be benefitial. For the rest of that time I can use my Gold status, but credit elsewhere if I want to. Regaining Gold thne only takes 37.5K in year two - which in comparison to normal turkish is a lot, but compared to other airlines fine, especially with the elite bonus.

Anything I missed?
Assume my membership year starts on Jan 1st. I get a status match on August 1st. I assume from reading that my timeframe then is August plus 4 months.
Once I do the international flight, it gets extended to a year, meaning August to August - and my 'membership' year then is reset to this time frame?
When does my second year in the sense of the renewal starts? Jan or August?

And the biggest question - what is the relation between the one international flight, can this be the same as the 15K requirement.
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