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Originally Posted by TravelPhotographer View Post
Thanks for answers.
Am going to grab them as I am a flash sale know-nothing...
Wifey has 147K & I have 238K..
If I understand correctly, it would cost 0.01 x 18K = $180 to get 256K in one account.
Is the alternative for both of us to buy (1) 128K award simultaneously, different laptops?
(then worry about seating side by side)
And if only (1) can be bought, is other refundable within X hours? X = ???
Thanks in advance.
As long as the trip is for flights originating out of the US, you are eligible for risk-free cancel on an award ticket same as on a cash ticket -- you can cancel up until midnight the day after you purchase. For what you are looking at, I would aim to book separate tickets out of each account. Doing it simultaneously won't really help anything -- one will still go through first and either will or won't screw up the second one, so you might as well do them one after the other, though obviously not waiting too long since someone else could conceivably swoop in and take that second ticket.
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