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Originally Posted by Xandrios View Post
I'd assume that from the Accor page we would at some point also be able to convert points into miles.
Yes, but the rate of exchange, as is usual with frequent stayer to frequent flyer and vice versa, is rather poor: 2K accor points converts to 1K FB miles, which is equivalent to selling you Flying miles at 4 euro-cent a mile (2K accor points is worth €40 at Accor hotels).
If you were to convert 2000 accor points into FB miles and then back to accor points, you would end up with 250 accor points, so losing 87.5% of their value.

Unless you never stay at Accor properties, it makes more sense to use accor points for hotel stays. And the same mutatis mutandis for flying blue miles and flights (although less spectacularly so).
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