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Originally Posted by ryan182 View Post
A company has to try really hard at consistently providing crap customer service over a long period of time to get people as accepting of bad behavior as you clearly are. That GA should, and in a normal company would, be out on their arse and never employed by anyone for any position that involves interaction with customers. That the manager, which I'm actually surprised the GA called, made things right doesn't make it OK.

OP I would write in a complaint, most likely nothing will actually happen since its near impossible to get fired from a US airline, but still worth reporting.
I guess we've all fallen victim to Stockholm Syndrome. As an outsider yes, AA's customer service both on the front lines and in support is quite mediocre at best. We do tend to blame the victim. I will say that I try to take as much outside influence out of the equation when traveling as I can. If there are loose ends I leave time to deal with them ahead of time. I stow my bags under my seat (a family of 5 with 4 seats should've had ample space to store all of their bags under the seats). I buy my own food/snacks and beverages prior to boarding. I don't rely on the wifi or IFE. I only expect to get from A>B with my luggage meeting me on the other side. I guess it's rather sad that an Ex Plat requires so little out of their carrier of choice. I'm rarely disappointed, though.
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