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A couple of other points:
  • My wife will often cook up a meal (chicken, veggies, rice or similar) and freeze it the night before we travel. Take it out when we're leaving the house and it is ready to eat shortly after takeoff.
  • She will take tins of fish, cracker-bread, salad and nuts to get her through.
  • In Europe, some of the airside shops that sell fresh food will provide an insulated bag + cool block. This is very useful.
  • You have to be careful taking tins of fish through security. She's been pulled up a few times because of the liquid content in the tins, This is getting more common.
  • She carries 2 epi-pens and other medication. She also carries a letter from her Dr explaining the need for the medication.
She manages her food challenges extremely well day-to-day but travel is a real pain. We travel to Australia a couple of times a year so that is 30 hours door-to-door that she has to cater for herself. Kiwi was what started all of this off. We were being 'healthy' about 6 years ago and getting into the nutri-bullet morning routine. Unfortunately 2 kiwi fruit put her in the back of an ambulance. The 21 foods + kiwi give her an anaphylactic response. No previous allergies and she had just turned 40!
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