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For the record, even as we ordinarily love Aman, we definitely prefer the Gritti here. No contest for us. The service at the Gritti was easily as wonderful as at any Aman. The Gritti’s Riva bar and terrace, plus terrace Michelin restaurant, not to mention the better location, make it an even easier choice.
For the record, the restaurant at the Gritti does not have a Michelin star. I had by far our worst dinner in Venice at the hotel's restaurant; in fact, it was totally awful in every way. Snooty service as well. A nice setting, though. It's a shame about the food scene in Venice; for the most part it's totally surrendered to the transient tourist trade with rip-off prices. Like a few other places - Dubrovnik for instance - Venice only works for us out of season, like in January.
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