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Help Polaris Seats Showing Available but Unbookable

I have a connection red eye flight from LAX to ORD and I specfically booked it in first (Z Fare). While I was booking I clicked preview seats and I can see available seats in row 1 and 2 with 5/8 available seats and row 3-10 in first with lots of open seats but during seat selection they are grayed out. Its a 700-200 Version 1.
I called the united helpdesk and they see them grayed out as well. Any ideas? Are they held back?

I tried making a booking with only LAX to ORD and requested a J fare to see if it's blocked off for J and it shows up as available but during booking row 1&2 are grayed out ... Any ideas?
  • Available fare classes:
  • J9
  • JN9
  • C9
  • D9
  • Z9
  • ZN9
  • P9
  • PN2
  • PZ0
  • IN0
  • I0
  • Y9
  • YN9
  • B9
  • M9
  • E9
  • U9
  • H9
  • HN9
  • Q9
  • V9
  • W9
  • S2
  • T0
  • L0
  • K0
  • G0
  • N9
  • XN0
  • X0
Update: When I use Expert Flyer to look up the flight I see available seats in the preview as blocked...

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