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Originally Posted by HarryHolden68 View Post
I have been caught out by this too. Simply stops me flying from LCY. BA have little sympathy with people missing flights or at LHR, conformance - I know from personal experience. With a 135 minute train ride with 1 connection into Kings Cross followed by the underground transfer to Bank and DLR to LCY, the risk averse nature in me would never allow me to plan to arrive 2 hours before departure.
It is somewhat difficult to tabulate the logic of this paragraph. On the day that your train from the regions breaks down, and the tube also crawls down to the proverbial snail's pace, followed surely by some teenagers letting off a fire extinguisher on the DLR, is surely the same day that sailing into LCY 23 minutes before departure that you thank your lucky stars that you can still check your luggage in and comfortably make the flight?

And if you say "yes, but", what was the point in arriving so early in the first place?
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