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Originally Posted by DoctorCopper View Post
I don't believe that a potential employer would accept the possibility of working on an o/night flight as reason to upgrade the company travel policy, mainly on the basis of being an unrealistic request. However, if you do want to work on an o/night flight then this can be done in Y as well as any other class of travel. On the other hand, if you [the prospective employer] expect me to be hitting the ground running when I land, then it should be W rather than Y. However, if the prospective company's blanket travel policy is Y, then that argument may not work in your favour. And, 75 employees is not a very small company!

Doc Copper
I'm coming from a company of 75K employees so 75 does seem SME sized, but they are excellent at what they do

I see where you're coming from I think it was confusing the way I posted it, I don't think a lot of employers/teams know what times you're travelling, specially if you're working independently with the client a lot, nevertheless they expect the work to be done!, plus if you're working on multiple projects with multiple clients, none of them will know your travel patterns and work will have to be done. Generally your time is yours to manage.
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