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Originally Posted by subject2load View Post
@ lost_in_translation - good to see your very positive feedback

Iíve never been less than happy with the Ďoldí F product on EK, but have yet to try the special new 777 incarnation. Itís firmly on my list and STN is actually very convenient for me geographically - even if it wouldnít normally be my preferred choice as regards airport facilites etc. (at least itís much better than the total shambles that LTN has become ..... so a good thing that EK didnít choose that ! Iíve no idea just how much longer the building mess will continue at LTN ..... Iím convinced most other countries would have had it sorted long before now, but I guess they think leisure pax donít care)

Thing is I have a bunch of Skywards expiring soonish so would like to use them. But I see very little F award availability for STN-DXB, or indeed from other stations served by the new 777 config. I believe the occasional redemption seat IS released at very short notice .... ? Did you manage to snag one yourself ...... or did you decide to splash the cash ?
Unfortunately I don't have a stash of Skywards miles to draw on yet as I'm pretty new to EK, so not sure on the redemption availability front. I found the cash F prices were actually slightly cheaper than LHR (around the same as LGW) which seemed reasonable for the product quality.
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